Bradversations: Super Hero Edition

Brad and I managed to do something we haven't done in a very long time: go watch a movie. Now, we watch movies on TV all the time, but the whole 'going to the theatre thing,' that hasn't happened since we went with friends. I remember she was pregnant.
That baby is now 9 months old.
We went to see Iron Man 3.
On the drive home, this conversation took place.

Brad: So, what did you think?
Me: It was good. I really like Robert Downey Jr. And I love the Iron Man character. He might be my favorite super hero.
Brad: What about Superman?!
Me: I like Iron Man, he's real. He's flawed. I believe him. Superman's too 'goody goody.'
Brad: Uh, no. Superman is a badass. AND in the last movie he knocked a woman up out of wedlock.
Me: *nods head*
Brad: SUPERMAN IS A DEADBEAT DAD! You can't get more flawed than that!