For most of my life, I can remember getting overly excited about anything. ANYTHING. And then I get super excited and tell everyone some ridiculous thing that has like absolutely no chance of happening. What can I say? I like to be excited. I like dreaming and sharing that excitement.
So when a talent scout from Food Network messaged me on Twitter last year, I freaked out. And of course, nothing came of it.
And when I was trying to open and I heard about the new show with Bobby Flay where he helps restaurants open, and they actually REPLIED to my email saying they were interested...but that my opening schedule didn't work with Bobby's well, I still rolled around flaunting my brush with fame.
Or when a certain unnamed magazine called me to tell me that I won an award, I freaked out and told half of everyone I knew saying, "I probably shouldn't tell you this yet, but..." And then I found out that this 'award' is something you have to pay for. Ewe. I'm not forking over that kind of cash. No thanks.
So, here I am, doing it again. And while I THINK this one should pan out, there's always that tiny sliver of a chance that final edits will cut me.
Eh. It's a gamble I will take.
I got a call a few weeks ago from Southern Living. Yes, THAT magazine. THAT MAGAZINE that my husband has no idea exists and was all, 'Eh, so?' when I told him that they wanted to include me in an article. I freaked out but held out the idea that it would totally, 100% not happen and I should just enjoy the fact that this amazing magazine even knows who I am.
So I went about my days all normal like and kinda forgot.
Until, (Oh yeah, this other cool thing happened. I made a birthday cake for Geore Takei and he sent me an autographed photo. I already wrote about that, but seriously? How freaking cool?)


So in my super excitement of getting this, I rushed off to Michaels to have it framed. I'm a few miles away from the bakery when my phone rings. It's SL (Southern Living) telling me that SL (Sweet Love)  had made the cut for the article. They verified a few facts and that was it! So, come August, I should be posting some photos of my mention in the article! Like I said, they could still maybe cut me, but it seems like that part has passed. 
So, now I'll move on to my next really exciting thing. I bought new oven mitts. I know, I know, you're totally jealous. :)